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National Small Business Week 2011

Did you know that today is the last day of National Small Business Week 2011? Did you miss out on participating in the week’s events? Did you feel celebrated and honored as a solopreneur and small business owner? According to the Small Business Administration, this week is to honor the roughly 27.2 million small businesses […]


Interview with Joseph Lizio of Business Money Today – Part 1

Today, I’m starting a two-part interview with Joseph Lizio, CEO of Business Money Today. Through my solopreneur consulting and participation in online business forums, one of the top topics for discussion is “How can I get money to start (or grow) my small business?”   My focus here at The Solopreneur’s Guide is helping people […]


4 Critical Insights for Startup Success

  Starting a service-oriented, online business has many benefits. It requires little cash investment, there are a number of user-friendly tools you can use to build an online presence at little to no cost, and with some networking, you can connect with talented people whom offer complementary products and services eager to work cooperatively to […]