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Facebook Fan Pages vs. Branding Sites

The population in the virtual nation of Facebook is approaching the 1 billion mark. Even with some recent news where Facebook admitted that some of these profiles were fake there still is a sizeable population on the social network. In a recent survey posted on Hubspot, it turns out that 50% of the population prefers […]


5 Facebook Stats You Probably Didn’t Know About Marketing Your Business

Sure, Facebook is the king of the social media hill now, but just a few years ago, many business owners thought it was another fad for business use. Do you still feel the same way? Let’s take a look at five recent Facebook stats included in HubSpot’s 2012 State of Inbound Marketing (unless where otherwise […]


What Does Your Content Marketing Say About Your Online Brand?

When you build your brand online, you’re taking a targeted audience on a journey from “awareness” to “purpose”. You’re looking for ways to grab their attention and inspire them to take a specific action. The end goal is often a sale, but there are some detours along the way for building a list of prospects […]