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Turn Prospects into Customers

  This is post 9 of 10 in a series discussing the essential steps for launching a successful, sustainable solopreneur business. If you missed the disclaimer post, it is helpful if you take a minute to read it before going forward. Here’s the link to the post. So far I’ve covered the following sequential steps: […]


Defining a “Good” Prospect

  In the first post of my recently completed 10-part series on the basic principles for turning prospects into clients, I mentioned that these principles only apply to good prospects. My question to you is, “how do you define ‘good’”?   Hopefully, your definition goes beyond the prospect’s friendliness and ability to pay promptly.   […]


10 Basic Principles for Turning Your Prospects into Clients: Ask the “Expected Results” Question

  This is a little disclaimer that I will be adding to the beginning of every post in this ten part series so new readers that jump in mid way will understand the premise for these posts. If you have been following through the entire series, you can skip the following paragraph to get to […]