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Putting the New Year’s Resolutions Into Action

I’m excited to let you in on a New Year’s resolution that I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. It’s the start of a new coaching program my Small Biz Break partner, Maria, and I are putting together. I apologize that I haven’t had a post up here in that time, but this […]


5 Tips for Relieving Workday Stress

  Starting and running a small business is a stressful experience for any solopreneur. Some of us get a positive charge from stress. In small doses, stress can keep us energized and motivated to achieving our goals. However, when those little doses grow into daily dilemmas, they take a toll on our minds and bodies. […]


Is Your Business Protected?

  My Small Biz Break partner, Maria, recently posted a great topic on her blog at Multi Entrepreneur Ideas, asking small business owners if they have a disaster plan in place. This question is especially crucial for solopreneurs. Besides the lagging economy, there are a number of other factors that create risks, potentially disastrous risks, […]