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Google+ Not Ready for Businesses

I hope you caught my previous post titled, “Google Growing from Search to Social with Google+”. In it, I discussed what Google promises to be the hot new social media network and others have loosely called the Facebook killer. I didn’t give Google+ a thumbs up or down because I haven’t had the opportunity to […]


What Happens In Vegas Can’t Stay in Vegas

  So Just a quick update today as I sort things out from a very interesting and exciting weekend. I’ve been a little slow in getting my regular blog posts out over the last two weeks. Sorry to all of my solopreneur friends. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a big believer in ongoing […]


Money Isn’t the Problem

  How many times have you heard the reason why most solopreneur businesses fail is that they are under-funded? Yes, money is a necessary fuel to keep a business moving forward, but it isn’t the root cause of a business’ success or failure. It unfortunately has become an easy scapegoat. It’s similar to saying money […]