Making Business an Extension of Your Life

There are a myriad of businesses that you can create as a solopreneur. Many career coaches today are parroting the mantra “do what you love“. I, too, believe that building a business on your passion is important. Most people live their lives trying to find a way to love their jobs instead of doing what they love. But, what if you create a business based upon a passion that doesn’t pay the bills?
Passion is an important factor, but it is only one ingredient in the recipe for your success. I believe that most people fail in this respect because they either build a business on their experience, on their passion or on what they believe might make money, but fail to find the right combination of all of these.

I will be your guide in helping you to create and grow a business that is integrated with your life goals and your passion. To succeed in this process, you will need to take an inventory of your life plan, your personality, your experience and your strengths and weaknesses.

I recommend that you complete this process even if you already have a solopreneur business. You may find through this review that you have areas where you bend your life to your business instead of the other way around. When you do this, you subconsciously put yourself at risk for subverting your own success.

Following is a link to The Solopreneur’s Guide Introspection Survey. Fill out this form before you go any further. Take the time to answer each question thoroughly and honestly.

TSG Introspection Survey


Need a little help getting the juices flowing? Following is an example of my response to the last question in the survey regarding criteria for my new business.

  • Low initial investment
  • Quick ramp up of ROI
  • High level of integrity
  • Ability to run on my own
  • Allows creativity
  • Can operate it anywhere – easily transferable
  • Minimal overhead of carrying inventory and hiring employees


Personality & Career Tests

In addition to completing the Introspection Survey, taking a personality or career test can offer some insight, too. There are a variety of free and pay-for tests available. Here are a couple to help you on your way.

Personal DNA



Click on the link below to see my results from the PersonalDNA test:

My PersonalDNA Report