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Express Consulting for Small Business Solopreneurs

Your customers have demands. Your competition is servicing them. You know you can do a better job.
You want to get your business started now! I can help you launch your business quickly and successfully.
You must take a number of steps to launch a new small business. If you don’t know what the steps are or if you don’t know how to complete the steps effectively the first time, you will delay achieving the success you want and deserve.

Getting Started is Simple

I believe in keeping it simple. Get started by registering for access to The Solopreneur’s Guide Solutions Center where you can download a number of free business templates and forms. You can use these to guide you through the process of starting your small business.

However, if you don’t have experience starting a new small business, I can help you with budget-minded options to prepare and review critical steps.

Below is a list of individual items with different option.

Choose the “Prepare” option if you want me to do the work predominately for you (with some insight from you regarding your idea).

Choose the “Review Report” option to have me review your work and supply you with a report of our findings and recommendations for improvement.

Choose the “Review Call” option to have me provide you with the “Review Report” and a follow-up 30-minute conference call.

If you need more than one of the items below, contact me for bundle discount pricing.

1. New Business Idea Questionnaire
Determine the right small business for you based upon your strengths, experience, passions, and personal, professional and financial goals.

Review Report: $50

Review Call: $75

2. Market Research Outline
Minimize your risk and increase your opportunities for success by performing appropriate market research.

Prepare: $550 (I complete the market research)

Review Report: $100

Review Call: $125

3. Competitive Analysis Worksheet
Identify how your new small business will stack up against the competition.

Prepare: $250

Review Report: $100

Review Call: $125

4. Market Demographic Analysis Worksheet
Collect the data that identifies your target market.

Prepare: $125

Review Report: $65

Review Call: $90

5. Mini Business Plan
Create a condensed plan for operating your new small business successfully.

Prepare: $250 (does not include market research)

Review Report: $75

Review Call: $100

6. Formal Business Plan
Write a formal business plan to give you focus with the possibility of attracting investors and securing loans.

Prepare: $375 (does not include market research)

Review Report: $125

Review Call: $150

7. Marketing Plan
Once you’ve defined your new business idea, you need to create a plan to get your message out to your target market.

Prepare: $125

Review Report: $65

Review Call: $90

8. Start-Up Checklist
Ensure you have a successful launch for your new small business by covering all of the bases.

Review Report: $75

Review Call: $100

Internet Services

Web Site
It’s difficult to succeed in business if you don’t have a presence on the Internet. Get started with a great package deal.

Your Investment: Contact me for a consultation and quote

Once you have a site on the Internet, you need to make sure that you can bring targeted traffic to it. The sites that rank in the top spots on the major search engines receive the majority of the Internet traffic. Contact me to discuss how I can get your site ranked above your competition.

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