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Facebook Fan Pages vs. Branding Sites

The population in the virtual nation of Facebook is approaching the 1 billion mark. Even with some recent news where Facebook admitted that some of these profiles were fake there still is a sizeable population on the social network. In a recent survey posted on Hubspot, it turns out that 50% of the population prefers […]


6 Sources for Creating a Consistent Flow of Marketing Content

Frequency and consistency are keys to creating successful marketing campaigns. If you want the market to get to know you, you have to “touch” them regularly with quality content. This can be very difficult for solopreneurs, and small and medium-sized businesses who struggle with finding the time to churn out a consistent flow of marketing […]


5 Facebook Stats You Probably Didn’t Know About Marketing Your Business

Sure, Facebook is the king of the social media hill now, but just a few years ago, many business owners thought it was another fad for business use. Do you still feel the same way? Let’s take a look at five recent Facebook stats included in HubSpot’s 2012 State of Inbound Marketing (unless where otherwise […]