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Facebook Changes Again

“The only thing constant is change” appears to be the tagline for Facebook. Seems the ever-changing and might FB has decided to do it again. This time, they are altering the dimensions of the profile picture from the 125 x 125 to 160 x 160. Here is a copy of their statement: “On April 26, […]


How Does Blogging Fit in with Your Social Media Strategy?

When I say, “social media,” you say … “Facebook” “Twitter” “YouTube” “LinkedIn” Maybe you threw in Pinterest and Google+, too. Unfortunately, many solopreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses have been drawn by the buzz of these sites and have forgotten about the value of blogging as part of their social media strategy. Or maybe it’s because […]


Online Videos and SEO

Sure, you’ve watched ‘em on YouTube. You’ve shared other people’s videos on Facebook. But have you let your business star in its own online videos as part of your SEO strategy? If you still question whether online videos are right for your business consider this … YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google […]