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6 Tips for Setting Up Your New Facebook Fan Page Layout

Setting up a new Facebook fan page is easy. Creating a fan page that draws in new prospects and keeps ‘em coming back takes a few extra steps. And now, Facebook is making things interesting by forcing you to migrate from the current page design to the timeline layout. Normally, I would break up a […]


The Good and Bad of the New Facebook Fan Page Layout

Have you seen the following message at the top of your Facebook fan page … Coming Soon: New Facebook Pages On March 30, 2012, all Facebook Pages … Did you jump at the chance to transform your fan page to the new timeline format or are you waiting for Facebook to force you? Sure, change […]


Search Engine Marketing versus Social Media Marketing: Which One Is Better?

When you hear the terms search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM), are you perplexed? Aren’t they basically the same thing? Unfortunately, many internet marketing firms promote themselves under an all-inclusive umbrella and use the terms loosely. So if you’re not a skilled internet marketer and you’re trying to figure out how to […]