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How Boring and Tedious Can Work to Your Advantage for Marketing on the Internet

We live in an age of instant celebrity. From reality TV, to American Idol style stars search shows, and YouTube viral videos, we’ve evolved into an impatient society of mass media consumers. We expect / need something bold and new to catch our attention. With roughly 4,000 marketing messages being thrown at us from TV, […]


Why Focus Matters in Your Marketing

Often when businesses take time to set a plan for their SEO and search engine marketing, they focus more on the “what” and not on the “why”. It’s tempting to utilize “what” is the latest in search engine ranking techniques and social media channels, but these are secondary to understanding “why” customers are searching for […]


Google Updates Its Algorithm Again

Last Thursday, Google announced it was making an update to its algorithm which furthers its goals when it rolled out its “Caffeine” project back in June 2010. The intent of Caffeine was to “push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions.” This latest algorithm change expands on that by impacting 35% […]