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Is Facebook Making You Go Bald?

If you spend any time on Facebook (which is highly likely considering their world domination), you have experienced the frequency at which they change their settings, leading many of its population to pulling out their hair in frustration over having to learn … yet again … how to update certain settings and use various features. […]


Is Your Marketing Message Mobile?

Who has time these days to wait until they get home or can get to a quiet place to use their Wi-Fi enabled laptop to connect with the outside world when many cell phones and smartphones give them the same access? Estimates indicate that eight-three percent of adults in the US own a cell phone, […]


It Isn’t What You Do, It’s What Your Customers Want

For the premise of this post, let’s say you’re a solopreneur looking for an accountant. You would rather spend your time giving the best service possible to your customers than balance your books and study up on the latest tax laws. You do a search on Google for a CPA in your area. You click […]