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7 Elements to Improve Your SEO in Your Copywriting

Last month, I wrote a piece titled, “Do You Know How to Feed the SEO Panda” in which I discussed the various ways you needed to approach SEO so you can get the love and attention from Google’s latest algorithm, Panda 2.2. Today, let’s go from the big SEO umbrella down to the written word […]


What Does Your Market Research Tell You?

Running a solopreneur business takes a significant investment of time (and, in some cases, money). And since your time is precious, you need to invest it wisely. If you were to take an honest assessment of your weekly activities, how much time do you spend on research? If you’re like most solopreneurs, your answer is […]


Is Social Media Fun for a Solopreneur Business?

Business is serious. Your paycheck, your mortgage or rent, your car payment(s), your health insurance, food, gas, and a multitude of other monthly bills, both for you and your solopreneur business, count on you being able to turn a profit. This is no time for fun and games, right? This is serious business. Can you […]