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Get in the Game with Live Events

So another week goes by and you haven’t left your home office? It’s an easy trap to fall into. You have a 5 second commute, you can work in your jammies, and before you know it, three days go by and you haven’t fixed up your hair or worn any deodorant. Such is the life […]


On the Road Again

Today’s post is a video I shot while traveling to Adam Urbanski’s Attract Clients Like Crazy boot camp. In this video, I just quickly discuss the importance of prioritizing your action item list. What criteria do you use to differentiate between busy work and actions that produce results? Does the action directly generate revenue? It […]


Don’t Sell the Glasses, Sell the Experience

One of the hottest trends today in entertainment is the explosion of 3D … 3D movies, 3D TVs, and 3D video games. Separate from stats like: 70,000 3D TVs sold each month in 2010 (CEA 2010) $1.1 billion in movie screenings came from 3D films (MPAA 2010) John Chambers, CEO of Cisco is quoted as […]