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Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?

  “If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” – Thomas Edison You are selling you short, solopreneur. How does it feel? Do you like the results you get from holding yourself back? Obviously, these are rhetorical questions because if you were completely satisfied, you wouldn’t […]


Don’t Forget to Think Inside the Box

  I’m sure that you’ve been told numerous times to “think outside the box”. Only the true visionaries think outside the box, right? Or maybe you’re questioning, “We all think inside the box, right?” Wrong! We may all exist inside the box, but not everyone thinks about what the box is and how and why […]


3 Secrets for Going from “I Can’t” to “I Did”

  You’ll notice at the top of my site, my tagline is “helping solopreneurs create and grow successful, sustainable businesses”. Another way of saying this is, “I hate wasted potential!” All solopreneurs have a differentiating blend of strengths, experience, passions, and personal, professional and financial goals. And there are people that can benefit from the […]