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Money Isn’t the Problem

  How many times have you heard the reason why most solopreneur businesses fail is that they are under-funded? Yes, money is a necessary fuel to keep a business moving forward, but it isn’t the root cause of a business’ success or failure. It unfortunately has become an easy scapegoat. It’s similar to saying money […]


5 Key Questions for Mastering Marketing

  Feeling frustrated with Facebook? Have you picked up a nervous tick trying to figure out Twitter? Does LinkedIn leave you feeling like you’re not part of the in-crowd? What if we told you that you may be wasting your time treating symptoms when you should be focused on fixing the likely root failure … […]


5 Methods to Alleviate Market Research Madness

  When was the last time you ran across someone who was passionate about performing market research? It isn’t exactly the sexiest topic of conversation at a cocktail party. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-research, quite the opposite. I believe it is a necessity for launching a new small business idea. However, I do […]