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Leap of Faith

  “I learned to embrace risk, as long as it was well thought out and, in a worst-case scenario, I’d still land on my feet.” – Eli Broad Starting a new business takes a leap of faith. There is no guarantee for success. Actually, that statement only tells a portion of the story. Starting a […]


Is Your Solopreneur Business Sustainable?

  Not too long ago, a friend asked me to explain what I meant by my tagline, “helping solopreneurs create and grow successful, sustainable businesses” – specifically the word “sustainable”. Did this have something to do with going green? I told him my passion is helping people create businesses that are an extension of who […]


Put It in Writing

  As I mentioned in my last post, most of what I blog about here at The Solopreneur’s Guide comes from real world experiences. Just recently, I’ve had a few colleagues confess that they provide services without drawing up and signing formal contracts. They thought it wasn’t necessary or they were afraid of losing the […]