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Interview with Paul Pennel of Minnow Web Design

  Next up in the series of checking back with solopreneurs I interviewed in the past is Paul Pennel of Minnow Web Design. If you recall, Paul is a talented web designer focused on servicing you, the solopreneur. To check out his original interview, you can click here.     TSG:     Happy New Year, Paul. […]


When Did Common Sense Become Less Common?

  I wrote a piece a couple of weeks back titled, “Can Great Marketing Save a Bad Business Model”. I came across a story today that falls somewhat into this category about Holiday Inn and “human bed-warmers”. I can’t directly tie this new story to my previous post because the marketing campaign is still out, […]


Formulas Are for Followers

  I recently penned a post discussing the strong possibility that a rising number of unemployed will soon become self-employed. There’s only so long you can wait for opportunity to present itself when an increasing number of people compete for a dwindling job market and the government check doesn’t cover the bills. Unless you’ve had […]