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The 3 Phases of Momentum: Create, Direct, Control

  Chances are that while you are reading this, I am watching my two kids participate in the local YMCA gymnastics program. They have a class every Wednesday. In all honesty, my son has a natural aptitude for the sport while my daughter struggles with it. So every Wednesday, my son is amped up to […]


What is Your Continuous Education Program?

  Operating your solopreneur enterprise is not synonymous with a solid continuous education program. Although you do learn from interacting with customers, OJT (On the Job Training) is for employees and not solopreneurs striving to be market leaders.   Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there is a benefit to interacting with your customers […]


Press Release: RIP?

  Now that we live in a Web 2.0 world with new opportunities popping up daily to easily promote our businesses online, is their still a purpose for press releases? With Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, blogs, article submission sites and a myriad of online business forums, many businesses have jettison press releases as […]