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Missions Statement

  I’ve been receiving requests from the up and coming entrepreneurs and the struggling solopreneurs for help with their business plans. When I ask them what their mission statement is, I often get a response that indicates that they are making it up each time they are asked.   Is a mission statement a marketing […]


Angela Logan: Mortgage Apple Cakes

I know from your previous responses that you like the interviews with other solopreneurs, but unfortunately (as of now) I don’t have an interview for this post. I wish I did – and I will see if I can – but as of late, Angela Logan, the solopreneur behind Mortgage Apple Cakes seems to be […]


So What?

  As a solopreneur, you live in the world of ABS – Always Be Selling. Now, hold on, I can sense the Glengarry Glen Ross fanatics cringing, thinking, Doug, you idiot, the abbreviation is ABC (Always Be Closing). Closing comes during the sales process; solo entrepreneurs need to sell their company to everyone they meet […]