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ProResource, LLC

As many of you know, I am a proponent of outsourcing – and no, it’s not solely because I provide consulting and copywriting services. I think it’s a big mistake to assume that you can master all of the day-to-day activities for your business. My strengths lie in sales, marketing and business building, but web […]



Launching a business on a shoestring budget is a common occurrence amongst solopreneurs. The danger inherent in a cost-savings mentality is to sacrifice a professional image – an expectation that many customers have when making a buying decision.   So what are your options?   1. Wait until you have a proof of concept and […]


Health Insurance Resource Center

As a solopreneur facing the strong possibility of spinal surgery in the not too distant future, the concept of adequate, affordable health care coverage is thankfully not an overbearing distraction to my business.   I am one of the lucky self-employed with a good insurance plan. Fortunately, I had coverage prior to being diagnosed with […]