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The Solopreneur’s Guide Vendor Series

  Hopefully you found the interviews in The Solopreneur Series interesting, informative and inspirational. From the feedback that I received, it would appear that the first series accomplished this goal.   Next up is The Solopreneur’s Guide Vendor Series. In this second series, I will interview or review businesses that provide service to small to […]


National Small Business Week 2009

  Last week was National Small Business Week (NSBW); a celebration of the nation’s economic backbone according to the Small Business Administration (SBA). Did you feel extra festive last week as a small business owner?   Before I get into my points, it might be helpful to know how the SBA and your current administration […]



Evan Savar is the fifth solo entrepreneur interviewed for The Solopreneur Series. He is the creator of TransVertise, a marketing business focused on turning those turned off TVs in Las Vegas’ limos and shuttles into marketing opportunities for local businesses and ROI ATMs for the transportation companies.   Evan and I connected through Entrepreneur Connect, […]