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Should I Start a Business in a Recession?

  Some soon-to-be solopreneurs that have been seeking advice on some of the online forums that I participate in as of late have been asking, “Should I start a business in a recession?”   Both the bull and the bear represent market conditions that create opportunities. A bull market is more forgiving than a bear […]


Productive Relaxation

  Is your reality a crushing mix of bad economic news with feelings of helplessness, insecurity and a desperate need to find the answers for a safe navigation of the current recession? The pressure is a shot of adrenaline – cramming for the big test and hoping for a passing grade.   When you crammed […]


Passive and Active Advertising

  “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.” – Ted Turner   As old Ted said, advertising is a daily activity for every successful solopreneur – and I bet you agree. Good luck surviving if you aren’t getting your message out on a regular basis. However, with so many possible methods […]