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Frames of Reference

  In my previous post, “Why ‘Everyone’ Isn’t a Good Market”, I speak to the benefits of focusing on a specific market versus trying to grab everyone and anyone as a customer. This in turn leads me to the purpose of this post – frames of reference.   We relate to our surroundings and each […]


Why “Everyone” Isn’t a Good Market

  With both my blog and previous business experience, I’ve mentored solopreneurs and sales and marketing professionals who have gotten stuck on the “everyone” market. Sure the size and potential sound grand. And why wouldn’t you sell to everyone willing to pay your prices? Because there is a tremendous amount of diversity of demands in […]


The Dragon’s Den

  One of my posts earlier this month focused on the benefits that playing games can have for your solopreneur psyche. And my inspiration for this post is television. Now, I know that coupling these seemingly unusual inspirations with the fact that I haven’t put up a post in about a week (which is 4 […]