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The Seesaw of Success – When Taking a Rest is Best

  Knowing how to balance your work and personal life as a solopreneur is a unique, soul searching puzzle.   When I worked as a VP of Sales for a company that went through significant downsizing, almost all of the layoffs were targeted at employees that weren’t considered money producing – i.e. everyone other than […]


Help! I’m Being Attacked by the Blob!

  The B-Movie Blob Some years back, I caught the B-movie horror flick, “The Blob” (the 1958 Steve McQueen version) on late night TV. The story line focuses on an alien life form that comes to earth via a meteor. Two teenagers, McQueen and his love, Aneta Corsaut, run around warning the nearby town of […]


What a Little Girl’s Soccer Game Can Teach Us About Solopreneurship

If you’re thinking, “Isn’t being a “solo”preneur a single player sport? Wouldn’t golf or tennis or wait – boxing, yes, boxing be a more applicable analogy?”   In some ways you may be right, but let me explain.   I was out watching my 7-year old daughter’s soccer game Saturday morning, the Purple Devils vs. […]