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Market Research: 5 Tempting Traps to Avoid

Let’s say you’re launching a new business or your current model is struggling. You need ideas for attracting ideal customers and turning your investment into income. You make the wise decision to perform research and get the inside scoop on how other competing companies are succeeding. By reviewing their information, you see a variety of […]


7 Website Indexing Strategies to Improve Your Website Ranking Part 2

This is the second half of our two part series on website indexing strategies to improve your website ranking. In part 1, I discussed the importance of updating your website content regularly, using the metadata fields in the backend of your site, and pinging the search engines to let them know when you have new […]


Are You a Struggling with SEO?

Today’s post was inspired by an article I recently read by Business2Community, a site dedicated to creating an “open community where professionals and businesses can connect with one another and the consumers of their products and services.” The author, Nick Stamoulis, penned the piece titled, “4 Types of SEO Clients to Avoid” to appeal to […]