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Are You a Struggling with SEO?

Today’s post was inspired by an article I recently read by Business2Community, a site dedicated to creating an “open community where professionals and businesses can connect with one another and the consumers of their products and services.” The author, Nick Stamoulis, penned the piece titled, “4 Types of SEO Clients to Avoid” to appeal to […]


Original Content or Links?

While many solopreneurs and small business owners already have their hot idea dialed in, many struggle with how to market it. When you think about successful Internet marketing, which is mightier … original content or links and “Like”s? Let’s quickly define what successful internet marketing is. It’s researching your market. It’s connecting with your target […]


Small Businesses Increase Their Use of Social Media Marketing

For most marketing savvy solopreneurs, this blog post title isn’t breaking news. What is surprising though is the number of solopreneurs and small businesses who are still considering if social networking and social media content are the real deal or just a fad. Let’s start by looking at some recent numbers stated in the American […]