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Small Businesses Increase Their Use of Social Media Marketing

For most marketing savvy solopreneurs, this blog post title isn’t breaking news. What is surprising though is the number of solopreneurs and small businesses who are still considering if social networking and social media content are the real deal or just a fad. Let’s start by looking at some recent numbers stated in the American […]


Don’t Sell the Glasses, Sell the Experience

One of the hottest trends today in entertainment is the explosion of 3D … 3D movies, 3D TVs, and 3D video games. Separate from stats like: 70,000 3D TVs sold each month in 2010 (CEA 2010) $1.1 billion in movie screenings came from 3D films (MPAA 2010) John Chambers, CEO of Cisco is quoted as […]


The Law of Attraction

We all want a multitude of loving, adoring, buying fans. And we put our energy out there to try and attract them to our brilliance and our fantastic products and services. But many solopreneurs are left wondering, “Where’s the love?” You spend money on ads. You take a couple of hours a day pasting up […]