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Get in the Game

Some solopreneurs find themselves plagued by procrastination, confusion, frustration and overwhelm. It’s easy to do. I understand. I’ve been there! If you’re one of them, you might spend your time focusing on how to write a better tweet on Twitter, or how to be a better “friend” on Facebook. Again, I understand. There’s so much […]


The One Question You Must Have an Answer for if You Want Breakthrough Success

  Everyone is looking for the secret. That hidden knowledge … that answer… that one thing that if you knew, suddenly your whole life and your solopreneur startup would change for the better. Well you can’t get the big answer if you don’t ask the big question. And if you have any children or if […]


Time Management versus Time Mastery

  While these two terms may sound similar, they are really separate … but cooperative. And if you understand their individual values and the order to put them in, you can achieve astounding results. I think you’ll see far more attention focused on time management, but this is really secondary to time mastery. It helps […]