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Are You Living with FUD?

  No, I’m not talking about a funny, little bald-headed hunter who gets frustrated hunting wabbits. I am referring to another, more wascally FUD that can trip up the most talented solopreneur … if you aren’t alert. F.U.D. Fear Uncertainty Doubt Usually, FUD is a sales and marketing (and politics) ploy to play on your […]


Only 24 Hours in a Day

  Molly just woke up. She is sitting at her desk thinking to herself, I have to: Write a blog. Post on networking sites Post on FB Fan page Make 20 sales calls Answer prospect emails Come up with a new marketing campaign idea Update website- add that new testimonial Her face is getting flustered […]


Simplifying Doesn’t Mean Simplistic

  My last post titled, Simplifying Small Business, announced my new joint venture, Small Biz Break, with Maria Smith-Alvira. As part of my marketing, I recently polled some entrepreneurs with a question, “How would you like to see starting a small business simplified?” I received some interesting answers. One respondent stated that he didn’t want […]