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What Social Media Network Has the Best Lead Conversion?

  Most businesses, both B2B and B2C, understand that social media networks are excellent for connecting with their target markets. However, many question which network is best for their business as a resource for generating leads. According to a recent survey conducted by HubSpot, the answer is LinkedIn, beating Twitter and Facebook. HubSpot studied over […]


Should You Have a Facebook Business Profile?

As I research companies’ marketing strategies and campaigns, I review how effective they are with their SEO and SEM and make recommendations for improvement. When I recommend Facebook, some question, “Do I really need a Facebook business profile?” We’ll get into some quick stats in a minute to let you decide. Because what you’re likely […]


6 Top Organic Link Building Techniques: Part 1

  If you’ve been studying up on SEO, you’ve probably seen quite a few recommendations and services for generating backlinks to your site as a method for improving your organic ranking. There are paid services and there are methods you can use to drive organic backlinks. While the paid services can give you a certain […]