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7 Effective Ways to Share Social Media Content – Part 2

On Wednesday, I discussed methods 1 – 3 for effective ways to share social media content to build your visibility, your credibility and your relationship with your audience as a solopreneur. Today’s post is Part 2 of the series discussing methods 4 – 7. 4. Write attention getting headlines. There is an abundance of information […]


7 Effective Ways to Share Social Media Content – Part 1

If you caught my last blog post, I discussed five ways to source a continual flow of social media content for your solopreneur business. Now that you have a stream of content to share, what are the most effective ways to leverage it into meaningful conversations on your social media networks? Here are my top […]


Sponsored versus Organic SEO

You know you need to get the word out about your solopreneur business if you want to grow and thrive. You know that in most cases growing your presence on the Internet is your best bet mixed in with some offline marketing. And as a solopreneur, you know you must focus on those activities that […]