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What Johnny Cash Can Teach You About Breakthrough Business Connections

You don’t have to be struggling as a solopreneur pursuing a dream as a country artist to learn a lesson or two from the original Man in Black. Whether you’re teaching people about the latest in social media strategies or transforming people’s lives as a small business coach, there are lessons for you to learn […]


Discover the 7 Essentials for Going from Cruise Control to Crushing It in Your Business

Sounds like a bold title, doesn’t it? Is this just catchy copy or is it truly possible that there are just seven essential actions solopreneurs master for breakthrough success? The truth is many of these top small business pros worked very hard to get where they are today. Their success didn’t happen overnight. The honest […]


When Going Solo Sucks and What You Can Do to Change It

 If you’re like me, one big reason why you decided to become a solopreneur was you were tired of being tied to someone else’s vision … whether a boss’s or a partner’s. You had a passion, a vision that no one else seemed to share with the same intensity, dedication, and desire that you did. […]