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Ludo Takes a Bite out of Conventional Thinking

Have you watched the show “Ludo Bites America” on the Sundance Channel? This reality show focuses on famous French Chef, Ludo Lefebvre, and his wife, Krissy, as they travel the US to set up pop-up restaurants by combining Ludo’s 5-star talents with local favorites. This helps inspire restaurant owners to shake things up and live […]


When Networking Works and It Isn’t All about You

Does the title of this post turn you off? When you attend a live networking event, isn’t it all about you and your goals? How can you “succeed” if you aren’t taking care of your needs? My kids and I had the honor of participating in a recent charity event for Fish for Life, a […]


Get in the Game

Some solopreneurs find themselves plagued by procrastination, confusion, frustration and overwhelm. It’s easy to do. I understand. I’ve been there! If you’re one of them, you might spend your time focusing on how to write a better tweet on Twitter, or how to be a better “friend” on Facebook. Again, I understand. There’s so much […]