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Down, But Not Out

  I have to admit, it drives me crazy when I can’t put in a consistent effort, stay in touch and do something to grow my business. However, I just went through back surgery (two herniated discs and two compressed discs) earlier this week and I’m trying to be a good patient and stay in […]


Health Insurance Resource Center

As a solopreneur facing the strong possibility of spinal surgery in the not too distant future, the concept of adequate, affordable health care coverage is thankfully not an overbearing distraction to my business.   I am one of the lucky self-employed with a good insurance plan. Fortunately, I had coverage prior to being diagnosed with […]


Productive Relaxation

  Is your reality a crushing mix of bad economic news with feelings of helplessness, insecurity and a desperate need to find the answers for a safe navigation of the current recession? The pressure is a shot of adrenaline – cramming for the big test and hoping for a passing grade.   When you crammed […]