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Tshombe Brown of Your Signature Coaching & Consulting

  Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Tshombe Brown, the amiable and talented solopreneur behind Your Signature Coaching & Consulting and The Magnetic Entrepreneur. I apologize ahead of time for some feedback that was coming in on my line. I couldn’t edit it out, but don’t let this stop you from getting the great […]


Fish for Life

If you’ve ever wondered about the true benefit passion plays in helping you in your business, here’s just 3 key payoffs: It creates a sustainable drive to succeed that can’t be replaced by any other incentive. It opens up your creativity. It pays you off in more ways than just the money it puts into […]


What’s Got You Stuck, Solopreneur?

  Do you have a tough time going to sleep at night wondering how you can achieve the success you dreamed of when you started your new business? Do you procrastinate during the day because you aren’t sure what action you should take that will produce the results you are hoping for? Do you simply […]