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Square Away Your Finances

This is post 4 of 10 in a series discussing the essential steps for launching a successful, sustainable solopreneur business. If you missed the disclaimer post, it is helpful if you take a minute to read it before going forward. Here’s the link to the post. Plus, since the process is in sequential order, make […]


National Small Business Week 2009

  Last week was National Small Business Week (NSBW); a celebration of the nation’s economic backbone according to the Small Business Administration (SBA). Did you feel extra festive last week as a small business owner?   Before I get into my points, it might be helpful to know how the SBA and your current administration […]


Grey Financial Group – Part 2

Here we are, back again with part 2 of 2 in an interview with Marian White, the solopreneur behind Grey Financial Group.                   TSG: Marian, why did you decide to go solo?   MW: I decided to go solo after working for others in the corporate arena […]