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6 Essentials for Social Media Success

While social media, social networking, spending time on Facebook … however you refer to connecting with prospects and customers on the Internet … can seem very daunting and confusing, there really are just six basic elements that you need to master. 1. Research While most people, including businesses, are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, […]


When Networking Works and It Isn’t All about You

Does the title of this post turn you off? When you attend a live networking event, isn’t it all about you and your goals? How can you “succeed” if you aren’t taking care of your needs? My kids and I had the honor of participating in a recent charity event for Fish for Life, a […]


The Law of Attraction

We all want a multitude of loving, adoring, buying fans. And we put our energy out there to try and attract them to our brilliance and our fantastic products and services. But many solopreneurs are left wondering, “Where’s the love?” You spend money on ads. You take a couple of hours a day pasting up […]