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Top 4 Marketing Message Myths

Through assisting solopreneurs with their marketing messages and researching how other companies are conveying their value to the marketplace, I’ve come across some relatively common marketing message mistakes. Your marketing messages have many possible goals: to create greater awareness for your business, to establish your business as an industry or niche leader, and, yes, to […]


3 Tips for Improving SEO on Your Website

While there is a multitude or ways to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and market your solopreneur business on the Internet, it’s often easier to tackle and improve a select few to get results instead of struggling with many. By the time you study up on the “right” way to optimize your efforts according […]


It Isn’t What You Do, It’s What Your Customers Want

For the premise of this post, let’s say you’re a solopreneur looking for an accountant. You would rather spend your time giving the best service possible to your customers than balance your books and study up on the latest tax laws. You do a search on Google for a CPA in your area. You click […]