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Your 15 Minutes Radio Launches Its Summer MBA Program Nationwide

  If a college pitched you on a program to earn your MBA over the summer, would you likely respond with, “I can’t afford to take the time off from running my business” or “I don’t have the money”? Your 15 Minutes Radio, an Internet broadcasted radio show, offers you an alternative MBA that resolves […]


Should I Start My Own Business?

  This is a big question that both the unemployed and those feeling locked in the cubicle prison are asking themselves. There can be a difference between having your own business and being an entrepreneur. You can have your own business without being entrepreneur, and that’s OK depending on what you want and what works […]


An Army of Sum

If you’ve been a regular reader on my blog, first, thank you, and second, you will know that I am a diehard believer in the necessity of banding together with other joint venture partners to create new opportunities and thus grow your business exponentially faster. I was recently introduced to some solo pros with a […]