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Moving on to a More Fulfilling Future?

  Two days ago, Yahoo Finance posted an interesting article provided by The Wall Street Journal titled, “More Workers Start to Quit”. According to the article, with the job market showing signs of loosening up, a growing number of employees are looking to make a move from their current job to greener pastures. One interesting […]


The New and Improved TSG

Yesterday I made some modifications to The Solopreneur’s Guide and thought that it would be courteous and helpful if I gave you the heads up about the changes. As I state on my Review page, I believe it’s necessary for solopreneurs to take regularly scheduled breaks to review their business and see how they can […]


Simplifying Doesn’t Mean Simplistic

  My last post titled, Simplifying Small Business, announced my new joint venture, Small Biz Break, with Maria Smith-Alvira. As part of my marketing, I recently polled some entrepreneurs with a question, “How would you like to see starting a small business simplified?” I received some interesting answers. One respondent stated that he didn’t want […]