Are You a People Person?

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People do business with people before they do business with companies. And in turn people leave people before they leave businesses. I am sure that you can think of many instances where you chose to go to a different restaurant or ask for a different sales person because you couldn’t connect with or truly disliked the person that you were working through regardless if you wanted what the business had to offer.


Here are 5 key personable characteristics to capturing and keeping customers:


1. Integrity. Ever work with a salesperson that was more of a personality than a problem solver? Although customers appreciate energy and humor, they really want a professional. Integrity is the key. Most people, whether consciously or subconsciously, can detect when a person is putting up a front. This leads to mistrust, a quick relationship killer. Your customers will open up to you when they sense that you have a sense of integrity – and opening up leads to opportunity.


2. Consistency. Consistency in attitude, energy, image, and service are essential. You will build a relationship quicker with your customers if you provide consistency into their experience in dealing with you. Inconsistency sets you back to rebuilding the relationship or in many cases severing it all together.


3. Common Ground. You are a combination of experiences and interests including, food, family, forms of entertainment, education, travel, …… typically you can find some area of common ground even if it revolves around the problem that your business solves for your customer. Keep religion and politics to yourself unless you are certain that you know the preferences and prohibited topics of your customer. And even then you may want to think twice about discussions that go deeper than amicable generalizations.


4. Caring. You show caring with questions. Take an interest in both the reason why your customers call on you and the issues in their personal life. Just as in success with dating, get the other person to speak about themselves. Ask them questions with a true sense of caring combined with an investigation into common ground and you will have a successful relationship. Start with a smile. What about successful grumps? They at minimum show caring about the product or service they provide and the problem that they solve.


5. Enthusiasm. Let your customers know that you are enthusiastic to see them and provide them service. You don’t need to jump around like a lunatic, but you should give them the sense that you are genuinely happy and thankful when dealing with them.


Being personable doesn’t mean being a personality. Few people are good enough actors to keep up an image for customers while setting aside the façade in their personal lives. And being personable alone isn’t enough to draw in your customers. You obviously need to provide something of value in order for your customers to part with their cash. However, you will be far more successful with lasting relationships if you understand and exercise the 5 key characteristics listed above in all of your interactions with your customers.


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Doug Dolan
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