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Last month, I penned a post titled, “Planning a Business Without a Plan?” so I will try not to be redundant here. However, I did update the Planning page on my site and thought that it was important to make you aware of the change.


The previous information that I had on the Planning page contained different secrets to take into consideration when planning your business. However, after helping many soon-to-be solopreneurs, I realized that most didn’t know the structure of a traditional business plan nor its importance to their business survival.


Now, you may be asking, “do I really need a plan?” And I will answer your question with a question. Do you often want (or need) to get to a specific location and set off on your journey without first determining what method of transportation will be most optimal and without knowing how to get there?


Planning, launching and growing your business is another type of journey to a hopeful destination. I do balance out the answer to my question with the reality that not all journeys share the same importance of time, funding, risk and reward. And I state this fact on my newly updated Planning page. The length and detail of your plan should increase to match the complexity of your business, the amount and source of funding needed, and the extent of damages that you will incur if your business fails.


So instead of giving just some secrets to planning your business, I decided it was best to get back to the basics. My updated Planning page now contains the structure of a traditional business plan – which I stress again that a business plan aids in your business survival whether you are seeking funds or soloing the effort – with a description for each section and some informative tips.


If creating a business plan is not your strength, get some outside help. You wouldn’t be the first person to have a third person create their plan. And if you are the person to author your plan, you should share it with other people to review before launching your business or putting it in front of investors (if needed). Having outside eyes view your plan will give you confidence that your plan makes sense and covers all the necessary bases.


I am in the process of drafting a Solopreneur’s Starter Kit to further drill down into secrets for success when planning your business – so stay tuned.


I hope that you give my updated Planning page a read and respond back with comments.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


2 Responses to “The Solopreneur’s Guide Updated Planning Page”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Doug- This is really good. I know we discussed a business plan in depth over at but it bears repeating. I started my business plan. It’s really for my own use but I am having difficulties with market research. Your Planning page goes into some detail so I’ll be reading it offline to help me.

    I can’t tell you how much this blog has helped me. Thanks!

  2. Douglas Dolan Says:


    I am happy to hear that you find this helpful. I will be updating my Resources page with some new links including where to go for market research. I should have the new page up within about a week. Come back and check it out.


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