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I worked for a company where the CEO showed less care for results than most of his staff. Did he want results? Yes. But he didn’t care to work as hard to create the results. He didn’t respect his role as the principal motivator. When I inquired about his passive attitude, he said he was “waiting for the sales team to motivate him with some good deals”. Those of us that cared more started caring less and left.


In a company, the attitude is set at the top. Others take their cue for caring from the leader – influencing their commitment, beliefs and actions.


In a solopreneur enterprise, there can be only one CEO of Caring – you.


Of course you don’t have staff to energize with your enthusiasm, but you do have you and your customers to keep motivated. And if you think that you and they are immune to your attitude (or lack there of), you are being naïve. Don’t wait for external instigators to ignite caring in you. It is an active role that you must be passionate about.


What are some solopreneur steps to keep you caring about your business?


  • Choose a business that you are passionate about.
  • Have a plan.
  • Know the tricks to get you back on track. Set up those unique motivators that you can quickly access to stimulate your efforts in the right direction.
  • Stay positive.


What are some actions that prove you are a customer care advocate?


  • Inquire about their goals, problems and needs.
  • Keep the commitments that you make to them.
  • Thank them for their business.
  • Have an interest beyond the business relationship. Learn something personal about them (if they are willing to share).
  • Be excited when you interact with them.
  • Be respectful.


If you are not passionate about your business, you will arm yourself with excuses of how to avoid the necessary action for success. If you are not passionate about your customers, they soon will find excuses of how to avoid you.


Do you care about your business and your customers? If not, who will?


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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