What Would Happen if You Applied the Pulaski No-Punt Policy to Your Solopreneur Startup?

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Ever heard of Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, AR? I hadn’t until just last week when I came across a news story about the Pulaski Bruins win in the AR State Championship football game.


Their victory over the Helena West Helena Cougars gave Coach Kelley of the Bruins a second state championship title and a winning percentage of 83% (68-13-1) as their head coach. But this wasn’t the focal point of the story.


Although his numbers are impressive, the story was about Coach Kelley’s no-punt policy for his team. And not just at the crucial state championship game, but for the last 20 games.


Twenty games and not a single punt! Stop and contemplate – twenty games of no retreat, just a committed focus to the first down and on to the goal. Can you think of any high school, college or pro football team that has dared to try this alternative offensive approach?


It’s not that Coach Kelley is an overly aggressive alpha male. He simply believes in playing the odds. Coach Kelley believes that going for it on 4th down yields either a higher 1st down conversion for his team or a less favorable field position for his opponents. The result either way is an advantage for his team as compared to the conventional call. And his numbers show that he may be on to something.


What do you think would happen if you adopted the Pulaski no-punt approach to your solopreneur startup? Would you still choose the same startup if you knew you couldn’t punt (i.e. fold or sell)? Brings a whole new perspective to the selection process for your solo venture and your passion and commitment for your choice, doesn’t it.


Yes, there are money making opportunities that don’t require a lifelong commitment. But, I believe that the best solopreneur endeavor for your wealth and happiness comes from creating a SUSTAINABLE business.




Because like Coach Kelley, you are playing the odds.


How many solopreneurs do you know that have been successful at opportunity hopping? In answering this question, remember I am asking as it applies to solopreneurs. Yes, there are successful entrepreneurs – Sir Richard Branson for example, who built a Virgin empire of disparate enterprises, but not as a solopreneur.


If you are thinking “punt” in your solo endeavor, take some time to soul search about your passion and commitment to your business. If you believe that you are playing the right game, create a new strategy by taking the punt out of your play book and go for the goal.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


One Response to “What Would Happen if You Applied the Pulaski No-Punt Policy to Your Solopreneur Startup?”

  1. Tony Papajohn Says:

    Hi Douglas!

    This is a wonderful metaphor for accomplishment. In a sense, it echos Babe Ruth’s comment “When I hit ’em, I hit ’em big. And when I miss ’em, I miss ’em big!”

    Like this coach, he was in it to win, come what failure might. Not for the faint of heart.

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