Is 2009 Going to Be a Good Year for the Solopreneur?

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With so many Goliaths of the business world falling due to giant losses, how many new Davids will be borne out of this bloody battle?


Some will have no choice – victim to mergers, downsizing and closures – while others will make the choice to stop trusting “management” for the outcome of their future and start putting their talents to work for themselves.


So does this make it a good time for you to transition from employee to solopreneur?




I should say, yes, but…..


I only hesitate to ask if you contain the DNA of a successful solopreneur. Are you:


  • Passionate
  • Driven to succeed
  • Self-aware (not letting your ego outweigh your intelligence)
  • Have a high level of energy
  • Self-motivated
  • Have a thirst for knowledge and creativity
  • Competitive
  • Focused on goals not obstacles
  • Open to outside advice
  • Effective at problem solving
  • Resourceful
  • Able to make decisive decisions quickly
  • Emotionally Strong and Stable


If you possess these key characteristics, then I do believe now will be a good time for your solo journey. I recommend that you take the time for Introspection to first determine what will be the best business to create the life that you desire followed by solid Research and Planning.


So why now?


Because, despite the solo moniker, solopreneurs wont be able to go it alone.


While some of these huge conglomerates crumble, expect to see a rise of joint venture networks between these scattered solopreneurs. Although many of them may be talented, how many people do you know that are talented at everything?


These newbies will need help with either mentoring in or outsourcing of the aspects of their business where they are weak. These fresh-faced first timers have been working in a world where they have been responsible for a single serving slice of the business and not the whole pie. They’ve had support staffs and departments to handle the other disciplines in business that haven’t been a part of their job descriptions. They’re going to need help – and maybe even more so when they are on their own.


If you are thinking about becoming a solopreneur in 2009 (or already one), the keys for success are to determine your business, define your plan, differentiate your brand and plug into the solo-network.


Need some help in getting started? Write me back by leaving a comment with this post.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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