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If you are thinking about making the jump from employee to solopreneur, ask yourself if you would be willing to work twice as many hours for half the pay as your current job to pursue your new business. And if you answer, “yes”, ask yourself, “….for how long?”


I don’t know too many people who are passionate about pursuing a career of poverty. However, there will be a ramp up period and potential seasonal stretches during the life span of your business where income may not match up with your expectations and needs. When this happens, do you continue or quit?


Before you start your business, there are three components to have in order to prolong the life of your business. The average entrepreneur focuses on only two of these basics – Research and Planning. The superlative solopreneur knows that sustainable success requires the third element – Passion.


There will be times – especially during the launch and ramp up phase of your business – where you will be producing little to no income. Being passionate about what you are doing is the best motivator to keep moving forward and defend against that notion of quitting.


Think about something that you’ve done in the past because you felt that you needed to – like dieting, quitting smoking, or starting a new exercise regime. Did you fail at least the first time, if not multiple times? If you didn’t see the results that you expected as soon as you wanted, I bet the gremlin in your head started asking “…was this really worth all the WORK?” And then tried to sell you on, “…just quit and go do what you want.”


Pursuing the income instead of the passion leaves you at risk for spending valuable time and money building a business that detracts from your life. It is hard to run a successful business when it is in conflict with your passions. This is complicated even further as a solopreneur because there isn’t anyone to delegate responsibility to in order to give you more time for your personal life.


Take a different approach and create a business as an extension of your passion. It gives you back more than just money. It adds sustainability to your business by improving your motivation, your focus, your creativity and your commitment to your customers.


Don’t build your life around your work – build your work as an extension of your life.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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