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There are currently 444 categories of Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes as defined by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Here is the list of the first 9 codes:


SIC Code                              Industrial Title

100                                         Agricultural Production – Crops

200                                         Agricultural Prod – Livestock & Animal Specialties

700                                         Agricultural Services

800                                         Forestry

900                                         Fishing, Hunting and Trapping

1000                                       Metal Mining

1040                                       Gold and Silver Ores

1090                                       Miscellaneous Metal Ores

1220                                       Bituminous Coal & Lignite Mining


Which of these industries requires creativity?


There isn’t a listing here of the arts or entertainment, graphic design or writing. When you think of SIC code 800 – Forestry, do you think “creativity”?


Most people don’t.


This is a big mistake that the average entrepreneur makes when approaching business. All businesses thrive on creativity.


Let’s go back to the example of Forestry. Look up the definition of “forestry” in a dictionary and you will find a definition synonymous with “the science of planting and taking care of trees and forests.” So where’s the creativity?


With global warming becoming a greater debate, I will bet that creativity is playing a much larger roll – whether in statistical data to make arguing points, in governments creating laws and building consensus and cooperation, with equipment manufacturers creating better equipment that is less harmful to the environment, and energy companies to ensure that they can capture markets as “dirty” practices turn “green”.


As a solopreneur, you need to take time at regular intervals, when business is booming or going bust, to find ways to infuse creativity into your business. Why wait until there is a problem and the doors of opportunity start closing? Take advantage of a strong business environment to catapult your business to the next level.


Creativity comes through initiation, education and research. Through these three steps, your creative eyes will open to more connections between what may have seemed to be total unrelated topics. Examples of this are in the book, “The Medici Effect” by Frans Johansson. Click here to go to Mr Johanssons site where you can get his book.


Business has a way of lulling the lazy entrepreneur to run a business in the rut of “that’s the way we’ve always done it – or if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality. The superior solopreneur challenges how he runs his business – in good times and bad. Creativity can launch new products and services, create new markets, increase sales, streamline processes and procedures and increase bottom line profitability.


Here’s a link to the complete list of current SIC Codes. Take a look and write me back with which industries you think doesn’t require creativity.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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