Always Be Telling Your Story

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In addition to authoring The Solopreneur’s Guide, I co-own and operate a fine dining restaurant called, The Rose Restaurant, in Prescott, Arizona.


I was recently at one of the local Chamber of Commerce mixers speaking with another business owner. She was salivating over the chocolate mousse cannolis we brought when she read our sign that stated, “Ask us about Catering your Holiday Party”. “You cater?” she asked.


I was amazed! We have an excellent reputation in the area. For the last several years, we’ve been voted #1 in Dining Excellence, among several other awards, including Best Caterer.


I had assumed that everyone would know that restaurants provide catering services. The more that I started adding a mention of our catering services into my conversation with customers, the more I realized that my assumption had been losing me money.


Continuously Tell Your Story 

It’s easy to tell a new customer your story. There isn’t the fear of being redundant. But, what about your current customers? Realize that they may have either not understood or forgotten about some aspects of your business. Their needs may have changed. When you told them your story the first time, some points may not have lodged in their memory because it had no meaning for them then.


So how do you announce your story without becoming an annoyance?


Here are just 3 helpful hints:


  1. Be passionate about your story. If you’re not passionate about it, take a serious look at why you lack confidence in your business.
  2. Add in new news and details. This keeps the story from going stale and having your customers hoping that you would stop giving them the same old pitch.
  3. Alter the emphasis of your story. Focus on the benefits for the customer that you are currently speaking with. Customers’ needs change. Put the punch into the points that matter most to them at that time.


Think I’m wrong? Turn on your TV and take a look at the current Presidential Campaigns.


Did the candidates only come out once or twice to give their message over the last 18 months? They know that their primary points don’t reach all the voters every time. They know that they need to show passion and add in new details to keep the focus on them versus their competition. Plus, their emphasis changes based upon the hot topics of the week.


What would happen to your business if you took the same approach?


Don’t cheat your customers, or you, by assuming that they know everything about your business.


Maximize your money making opportunities with a frequent, memorable message.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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    cheers for this new entry. It is super heart felt.

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