The Seesaw of Success – When Taking a Rest is Best

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Knowing how to balance your work and personal life as a solopreneur is a unique, soul searching puzzle.


When I worked as a VP of Sales for a company that went through significant downsizing, almost all of the layoffs were targeted at employees that weren’t considered money producing – i.e. everyone other than Sales. There came a point, however, when it was difficult to produce sales when there wasn’t enough of a support structure left. Balancing your business and your personal life as a solopreneur is much the same.


Most entrepreneurs are highly motivated to succeed. We often push aside activities in our life that aren’t producing income – especially if we are in the launch phase of our business. The danger that arises is that we fail to remember that downtime is necessary to:


  1. Clear our heads
  2. Recharge our mental, physical and emotional batteries
  3. Continue ongoing education
  4. Create opportunities for creativity
  5. Allow time to see the road ahead to make necessary corrections in our business
  6. Reconnect with friends and family (our best support structure)


Think of Business and Personal Life as two friends on a seesaw. They take turns going up and down – Business rises with exhilaration while Personal Life goes down with a nervous feeling. The only way for Business to stay up is having his friend, Private Life, sit on the bottom. Soon Private Life gets bored with the unfairness of the situation and goes home. Business drops with a thud.


At some point, the law of diminishing returns kicks in. The seesaw will reverse itself. The key is to know when to correct this balance for the best benefit of both your professional and personal life.


How do you know what is the right balance? It is unique for everyone and can change during your lifetime.


First, you need to focus on and enjoy the ride up and not worry about the ride down. If you find yourself worrying too much about the one going down, it is usually a good time to correct the balance.


Second, you need to see if your professional goals are being met while attention is given to the bullet points listed above. Burnout in business and boredom in your personal life are primary signals that it is time to again correct the balance.


Find the right balance to keep the passion, the fun, and the success pumping.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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